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Please post some pictures of your systems. Show us how you power yourselves.

They do not have to be pretty pictures. I like 'em raw and funky. (this means you, Sparky Candoo) We don't judge here by the tidiness of your wiring. We are about empowerment, not regulations and rules. The electrical inspector is not watching. And even if he was, he'll never find you.

Hopefully your systems are safe, and at least follow the spirit of the NEC. But the beauty of PV, especially low power 12V and 24V systems, is that they can be simple and cheap yet still work and be safe. I have seen arrays wired with speaker wire that were performing fine. Still, that sort of thing is not recommended and its always a good idea to use the proper materials for the job, they will last longer and cause fewer headaches down the road. The PV modules will outlive us, might as well make the wiring last for at least a decade or two.

Videos would be cool too, give us a tour of your off-grid homestead!

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