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The Solar Nexus approach to off-grid PV system marketing is to simplify the major elements of a system into four main parts:


The "Nexus" is a pre-wired power center that combines power electronics with circuit protection and metering hardware for well-integrated off-grid PV. The SolarNexus is our signature power center product, designed for the Morningstar SureSine 300 or similar inverters and a wide variety of PV charge/load controllers and chargers up to around 600 Watts of PV.

We use an A thru F lettering system for the different nexus products. Right now we have D through F nexus products. The "D Nexus" is our SolarNexus box, the "E Nexus" is E-Panel systems from Midnite Solar and the "F Nexus" is pre-configured Flexware panels from Outback Power Systems.

We boil down the system design criteria to two main design variables, POWER and ENERGY
1. How many Watts (or kiloWatts) of POWER do you need at any one moment?
2. How many WattHours or kWh of ENERGY per day/week do you need?

The choice of appropriate nexus will be determined by the scale of output power needed, as that determines the inverter choice and hence the power center. The PV array and battery can scale independently, and are sized (along with geographic location, season of use and backup contribution variables) according to the need for ENERGY.

Take a look at our website to learn more.

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